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Fulfillment and distribution as you
need it and when you need it.

Centrally located in Hamlin, West Texas, our 106,000 sq. ft. facility was originally built in 1977. In 2007, the Mill was further redeveloped into what it is today. Sitting on a beautiful 49 acres, we house a main production building and ample warehouse and shipping space. We have the capacity to produce up to 300 tons of dry pet food each day. Our state of the art facility is AIB – GMP certified, and our on premise lab* oversees all food and product safety.We’re able to gear up and produce very rapidly, and scale on-demand, just as you need.

What We Do

Texas Mills combines all your Warehousing, Fulfillment and Co-Packaging needs under one roof.

Flexibility to Scale to your Needs

We can grow or shrink as you need, on demand. We can customize for small runs, as little as 20 tons, while still meeting aggressive cost goals.

Sourced from the USA

Sourcing meat, vegetables, and natural vitamin products from the USA is a core competency of our purchasing team.


Increase your profits by partnering with us. After manufacturing is completed, we’ll warehouse your product for as long as you need for no additional costs.


Simplify the process so you focus on driving your brand. With Texas Mills, you don’t need to incur the very costly expense of your own warehouse and fulfillment staff.

Strong Shipping Location

We’re strategically located in West, Texas. While it’s rough when you want to go to the beach, its real good when you want strong shipping logistics.

Excellent Food Safety

We conduct continual verification of quality and food safety to meet the highest standards. Our on premise lab is a core component of our manufacturing process.

On Demand Product Runs
We Do it in 14 Days

On Demand Production Runs

We pride ourselves on our consistency. We can turn order around in 14 days or less. Using a combination of experience, old school know-how, and strategic thinking,we’re built to meet your manufacturing needs. No more 60-90 day delivery times governing your sales cycle. With us, you get to grow your brand on your terms. To find out more about our contract packing, warehousing and distribution services request a call back below or call us at 1-888-890-7104

Shipping & Logistics
Food Safety
Packaging & Storing

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